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Wouldn’t this be nice


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Complaining doesn’t get you anywhere

Complaining doesn't get you anywhere

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Live turtles used as keychains in China

A new form of animal cruelty for fashion has arrived in China. You can now purchase a live animal for a couple of dollars, hang it on your keys and sling it around for a few hours until it suffocates and dies. The animal, usually a turtle, fish or salomander is trapped in a sealed plastic bag and the customers are informed that the animal will live for several months in the nutrient rich water. This isn’t true and the poor animal dies within a few hours due to a lack of oxygen.

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Possibly the most eye opening 6 minutes

We all have an inkling that what we eat is not ok, but we prefer to look the other way incase the truth turns us off our beloved foods.
After watching this you won’t be able to turn a blind eye. If you cared about animals in any way then this video will change the way you eat meat. If you don’t care about animals, then I am sure you care about your body and after watching this you will change the way you eat!

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Happiness is yours – Take hold of it today!

Happiness is yours - Take hold of it today!

Too often we wait for happiness to come to us, or blame unhappiness on external influences. Do you ever wonder why happiness seems to some so easily to some and not to others. Happiness is a choice and you are responsible for your own.

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How to make money online

More and more of us are tired of slogging away in the rat race and are desperate to find a way out. Many of us have heard of people making millions on the internet and want to know how we can do the same. Although you may not make millions there are ways to make a comfortable living online and any living that you can do from the comfort of your own home or the comfort of a hotel room in Paris is better than any income in the rat race.


How You Can Make Money Online

Advertise For Sponsors 

Sponsors are always looking people like you to advertise their message via social media. Try sponsoredTweets.com to make money for any tweet you make for a sponsor.

Sell Stock Photography

 As the number of people using the internet increases, so do blogs, internet advertising, websites etc.. and no one has the time to take their own photos. This is where you come in, and make your millions. You do not need to be a photography expert. Set up a site, take quality, unique photos and charge your price.

Blog For Revenue

If you have a passion, then write a blog. Once you have some followers and readers you can use your blog to advertise and earn money. Register with Google Adsense and allow them to put adverts on your blog. Every time a reader clicks one of these ads you get paid. Easy!

Sell Affiliate Products 

If you do not want to come up with your own product to sell you can always sell other people’s products.  Amazon and Ebay have great affiliate programs which allow you to advertise products on their sites and take a share of the profits.

Write and E-Book

If you thought you could not be a writer because getting published was too hard. Think again. These days anyone can write an ebook and have it published and you do not even have to have your won website to sell your book. You can self-publish your book on Amazon and start making money!

Sell on eBay

Many people are now making a full time living on eBay . You do need to do some research in to what is selling and be able to buy wholesale to make some profit. Have a look at what sells, test your product and start selling!

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